Priority Points

Priority Points

Beginning in the 2017-18 year, Furman Athletics will be implementing a priority point system as a means to provide an equitable process for allocating donor benefits. Under this system, all athletics donors will be assigned a priority point total and overall ranking that will be used to determine eligibility and priority for a number of donor benefits.

The priority point formula will take into account Paladin Club gifts, other athletics gifts, and season ticket purchases, as well as a donor’s status as an alumnus/alumna, former athlete, and/or Heritage Society member (i.e. Furman is in your estate plan). Point totals and rankings will be recalculated on an annual basis and will be used in determining benefits for the following fiscal year.

Priority point totals and rankings will not replace Paladin Club membership levels, but will instead allow for a fair way to allocate benefits within membership levels and to assign benefits that are not linked to Paladin Club membership levels (access to playoff and NCAA tournament tickets, away game travel, etc.). We are confident that the priority point system will be more inclusive of all athletics donors and will enhance your overall experience as a donor.

To get acquainted with this new system, please check out the informational resources linked below: 

If you have further questions, please call 864.294.3469 or email for more information.