Matching gifts are a great way to increase your contribution to the Paladin Club and Furman’s student-athletes without having to reach deeper into your pockets!  When your company offers a matching gift, you receive Paladin Club credit for the match.  For example, if you donate $250, and your employer matches with an additional $250, you receive benefits for the Knight ($500) level of Paladin Club membership. If you are not sure if your employer offers a matching gift, you can check our online database of matching gift programs.

Submitting a matching gift request is easy:  

  1. Obtain a matching gift form from your employer.  These forms should be available from a Human Resources/Personnel representative or online.
  2. If your company uses a paper form, fill out the employee portion of the form, noting the date and amount of your gift, and enter Furman University as the recipient institution. If your company's form is online, complete it as directed.
  3. Send the form along with your check (made payable to Furman University) to the following address:

    Furman University Paladin Club
    3300 Poinsett Highway
    Greenville, SC  29613

    If you make your gift online or over the phone, please let us know that you are sending a matching gift form separately by calling 864.294.3469 or emailing
  4. We will complete the rest of the form and submit the match request to your company.
  5. Your company will submit payment directly to Furman.

Note:  Each company operates matching gift programs differently, so please check with your Human Resources department for your employer’s specific policy. 


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