Student Tickets

Student Ticket Overview:

The student portal for 'THE GAME" Saturday, Feb. 23 versus the Wofford Terriers at 4:00 PM is now closed. All students who have already reserved tickets via the portal are good to go and have their bar code on their phone - or can print from a computer.
All students with a valid Furman ID will be admitted until all seats are exhausted. The doors of Timmons Arena open on Saturday at 3:00 p.m.  

Come early and support your Paladin basketball team! Wear White!

  • Ticketed events include football and men's basketball. 
  • FREE student tickets are available for each home football contest during the regular season.
  • FREE student tickets are available for each home men's basketball contest during the regular season.
  • The student tickets are first come, first served for the designated student sections. Each student may claim one ticket per game.  
  • Student guest tickets can be purchased in advance by coming to the Timmons Arena Box Office, M-F 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Student guest tickets are based on availability. Furman students must present their Furman ID at the box office and be identified by our ticketing system as a current Furman student. Students may purchase one student guest ticket per game, based on ticket availability.  
  • Students must present their Furman ID at the gate with their print at home or mobile ticket.
  • Student tickets are not transferable, and can not be sold to a third party. 


Access My Account:

To access the allotment of FREE student tickets we ask that you log into the Student Ticket portal with your student credentials. You’ll be able to access the Student Ticket Portal by visiting Or, more simply, clicking the Student Portal link above.  

Once you have access to the student portal please go to “Print Student Tickets” to view upcoming games. Please note, student tickets will be available on the Monday of each week beginning at 9:00 AM.

Account Set-up:

If you need help to set-up your student ticket account please email or call the Timmons Arena Ticket Office at 864-294-3099.

If you do not remember your password please Reset Your Password Here.