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OVERNIGHT CAMP-"The Overnight camp is closed, but there are still openings in day camp!"


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Overnight typical day
8:00-9:00 BREAKFAST
9:00- 9:30 Stretching
9:30-10:30 Instructional session 1(offensive moves)
10:30-11:00 Free throw contest
11:00-12:00 Instructional session 2 (defense)
12:00-1:00 LUNCH
1:00-2:00 Stations- shooting, dribbling, passing, etc.
2:00-3:00 1 on 1 competition
3:00-4:00 3 on 3 competition
4:00-5:00 5 on 5 team practice
5:00-6:30 DINNER
6:30-8:00 5 on 5 league games.

DAY CAMPS-June 17-20 and June 24-27
Includes: Instruction from coaches, competitions,
drills, insurance, and a T-shirt!
Price: $215 (regular)
              $115 (junior)
Who: Individuals grades 1st-12th    (juniors age 6-8)
Where: Timmons Arena
When: Camp will run from 9 a.m. to  4 p.m. everyday.
Junior Camp: 9 a.m.- 12 p.m.
Camper Times And Day Camp Pick Up Times
Overnight camp will begin at 8 am every morning,
and will be back in the dorms at approximately 8 pm.
Day camps will begin at 9 am, and end at 4 pm.
Junior camp will begin at 9 am, and will end at 12 pm.
Parents should arrive no sooner than 15 minutes early,
and pick up no later than 15 minutes after camp ends.
Each overnight camper receives: room and board,
daily instruction, and a free T-shirt!
Each day camper receives: daily instruction,
and a free T-shirt.
Day Camp Typical Day
9:00-9:30 warm up/stretching
9:30-10:30: Stations- shooting, dribbling, passing, etc.
10:30-12:00 competitions (3 v 3, knockout, etc.)
12:00-1:00 LUNCH
1:00-2:00 Full court drills
2:00-3:00 5 on 5 team practice
3:00-4:00 league games
Medical Care:
 A certified training staff will be
on duty at all times, with the student health clinic
being available as well as a doctor on call.
Additional info: 
After you have registered for one of the camps,
you will be mailed an additional packet of
information, FAQ sheet, campus map, and
confirmation letter.


  1. Maintain a positive attitude and be enthusiastic.
  2. Be a team player and show good sportsmanship at all times (win or lose).
  3. Be respectful and considerate of all other campers and staff.
  4. Do not use offensive language.
  5. Bullying behavior and/or harassment is strictly prohibited.
  6. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  7. Follow the “lights out” rules.
  8. Immediately report any physical injury or health condition to camp staff that affects your ability to safely participate.
  9. Abide by all camp rules and regulations of Niko Medved Basketball, LLC.

10.  Have fun and give 100%!


Any violation of this Code of Conduct can result in less playing time, phone call(s) to parent/guardian, and/or expulsion from camp without any refund.