Paladin Club

2013 Football Parking

You may have heard that due to the construction of the Pearce-Horton Football Complex at Paladin Stadium, there will be some changes in parking for the 2013 football season.  Paladin Club reserved parking lots will be redistrubuted, as shown below.  Parking in these reserved lots will be limited to Paladin Club members who purchase at least one regular price season ticket.  In addition, because there will be no public parking on the "home" side of the stadium, a reserved parking pass will be required for entry through the Duncan Chapel Road gateAll other traffic will be re-routed through the main gate on Poinsett Highway to access public parking areas, such as the lots adjacent to Daniel Chapel.  These changes will be in effect for the ENTIRE 2013 season.

In short, to take advantage of the best parking available at Paladin Stadium (and the only reserved lots) for the 2013 season, you must join the Paladin Club by June 30, 2013, and purchase at least one season ticket.  We look forward to seeing you as the season gets underway, and we hope that you will consider a gift to the Paladin Club if you are not already a member.  If you missed the deadline for joining the Paladin Club for 2012-13 and are still interested in Paladin Club parking for the 2013 season, please call Jonathan Brown at 864-294-3467 to discuss possible options.

For questions about...
- Paladin Club membership, contact Elizabeth or 864-294-3469.
- Paladin Club parking, contact Sue or 864-294-3565.
- Purchasing season tickets, contact Georgie or 864-294-3009.