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Furman University

Office of Trademarks & Licensing

The Furman University Trademark & Licensing Program was established to protect the University’s ownership interest in its logos and to generate royalty fees to support the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.  Any product bearing the logos, trademarks, word marks, or having an implied association with Furman University must be licensed. 

Furman University requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain prior approval before producing any product(s) that will display Furman University Indicia; regardless of the method of distribution.

Furman University has partnered with The Collegiate Licensing Company to administer it Trademark and Licensing Program.

About CLC

CLC is the nation’s leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative.  Formed in 1981, CLC assist collegiate licensors in protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing.

The CLC Consortium consists of more than 180 universities, bowl games, conferences and the NCAA and the Heisman Trophy.  Based in Atlanta, CLC provides its member institutions the expertise, resources and experience necessary to maximize revenue potential through the power of consolidation.

How to Become a Licensed Vendor

To obtain details concerning licensing royalties, rates and procedures for commercial enterprises, or to supply university departments and organizations, contact:

Chrysta Bayliss  Partner Services Representative, Southeast Regional Brands

T: 770-799-3283• F: 770-955-4491 • M: 404-536-8362 •

The Collegiate Licensing Company-an IMG Company • 1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300 • Atlanta, GA 30309

Once on the CLC site, you may view further information about their partnership with Furman University and other institutions, file a licensing application, and obtain vector based logos.

Official Online Retailer

The Furman University Bookstore sponsored by Barnes & Nobel provides officially licensed Furman merchandise 24 hours a day at


       Furman University Office of Trademarks and Licensing

3300 Poinsett Highway

Greenville, South Carolina 29613

C/O Mike Arnold

   Phone: 864.294.3267 • Fax: 864.294.3269

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